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Little Preview
I'm on vacation and doing research for a big project still that takes forever to do, unfortunately, so turning stuff out since the New England map has been a little slow, so have a little preview of a mini scenario thing I should have out when I get back from vacation, complete with a bit of pixel art to go along with it. :) 
Texas, Our Texas, All Hail the Mighty State...
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Work Like an Ant and You'll Eat Sugar
- This is a part of the wider world Hatkirby and I are working on, and so the POD is somewhere in the Marcommanic Wars. Despite this, I didn't want to get rid of Islam altogether as I dislike removing major religions wholesale. Instead, Mohammed's journey is simply rather different, and instead of taking over Medina the Hijrah takes him to Jiddah. In an Arabia more interconnected to the wealth of India and Europe, Islam finds a more pluralistic and mercantile bent and does not result in the rise of a globetrotting Caliphate as IOTL, which delimits the religion's spread somewhat but gives it a reputation more akin to Buddhism than modern Islam; pacifistic, esoteric, and popular among spiritualist Hipsters.
- Yemen becomes the crux of trade between Europe and the East (and later East Africa) and sees successive prosperous regimes take up the torch as the middleman of the Maritime Silk Road. This makes them a haven of technological progress and culture as various faiths, languages and ethnicities corroborate in the rich ports of Mocha, Qani, Jiddah and Aden. This leads to huge engineering projects such as the artificial Sayhad Sea and later, when technology approaches our own and even succeeds it in certain areas, the enormous subterranean tunnels under the Gulf of Aden. (Herein known as the Gulf of Qani).
- 'Technistia' refers to physical sciences like engineering, whereas 'Epistemistia' refers to more theoretical fields. This distinction does get fuzzy in areas like Chemistry.
- The title is a Yemeni proverb. I'm sure you can figure out what the implication of it is.
When a combination of intense illness-induced absence and a noncharismatic lecturer ensure I have no fucking clue what I'm doing going into my private law exam tomorrow:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #justlawthings
When you're in the middle of your exam and can't remember if it was Mason, Deane or Dawson who said it was the Commonwealth's prerogative to 'promote and protect the nation'. #justlawthings :blowkiss: remake 
Found a bit of time to write recently and fell into some traps I should know to avoid.
1. Had a boss perform a quarterly evaluation of our protagonist, and then basically lay out said protagonist's entire personality.
2. Actually a distinct *lack* of metaphor and simile where it might add some colour; I usually have the opposite problem.
3. Slightly inconsistent tone. Difficult thing to describe but some of the writing reads quickly while other parts are more meandering. Over the course of a novel this should obviously happen, but not within 500 words.
The Firmament
"It would appear that -even with what one might imagine to be the terminal end of our respective mother countries in the wake of a catastrophic nuclear exchange, and in spite of the fact we've gallivanted to a wholly new, unsullied dimension- we can't escape, and excuse my language, the Laodicean cunts that are the French." ~ A colourful transmission sent by Captain Angelo Comstock to Lieutenant General Louis Romilly upon reluctantly discovering and fraternizing with the École Polytechnique Expédition Interdimensionnelle du Département de Physique on the western face of 'The Firmament'. 


As the Cold War continued to broil, the expectation that the world might atomize into oblivion became an ever more pressing concern for national governments and the subservient scientific community. Bunkers were well and good, but unreliable and didn’t assure Humanity’s long-term survival. Interplanetary or interstellar colonization was too expensive and impractical though some powers with the capital to spend, as the United States, would have limited success in establishing cislunar and Martian colonies [1].
It was clear that an escape was necessary from the nuclear apocalypse that could edge over at any moment, and one British-Japanese team proposed meeting this demand via interdimensional travel. Whilst initially a laughing stock, the British Government was not one to waste an opportunity and funnelled millions of pounds into the project, dubbed HEFENFELTH. It bore results as well, with the development of industrial-scale magnetic monopoles enabling the disruption of regular particle fields and the effective creation of cosmic inflationary bubbles, in turn producing pocket universes [2].
It was impossible to artificially cultivate or demand what lay inside these pockets and of over 3000 produced 96.4% were vacuous and quickly decayed. Of the remaining 111, 98 were stable in the long term but either only contained subatomic particles and primordial nuclides -and as such were hostile to Human habitation-, or possessed physics that rendered them inappreciable or fatal to Human existence. That left 13 pocket universes, just over half of which were impractical by virtue of where the ‘windows’ into these universes existed; one on a planet three times the mass of Earth and so under duress of extreme gravity, another in an atmosphere composed predominantly of chlorine gas, and yet another with physics that seemed comprehensible but had a tendency of driving expeditionary teams into fits of gibbering madness on account of the extreme Synesthesia it produced in them. But 6 were liveable, and one of these was dubbed ‘Firmament’.
It was a scenic world; an archipelago of great cordillera, deep fjords and forested valleys suspended above a cloud-like effluvium thick enough to jog across. There didn’t seem to be a time cycle, but a single vibrant blue sun perpetually resting in the pink sky directly above the island chain. The ‘oceans’ of clouds further afield were thinner and given to dissipating beneath the feet of those that trekked upon them -as one poor pioneer learned when he disappeared below the mist- and yet they teemed with life; gaseous airbags wheezing aloft the clouds like jellyfish and winged fish diving in and out of the waves, huge whale-like creatures breaching the surface and spattering the effluvium (later known as aether) across the shores and expeditionary force. And upon the cliffs enormous sloth things crawled and slept and larger, land-ridden versions of the aether-jellyfish rested upon the valleys and tended to their young. It was like something from a dream [3].
The British government, satisfied at face value with this exceptional pocket universe immediately undertook a process of colonization, sending over a period of a decade and in the utmost secrecy 200,000 of the healthiest and most genetically diverse individuals they could procure as well as the families of the scientists involved in the discovery of the Firmament. The ‘Land Jellies’ were domesticated, valleys cleared for settlement, and the effluvial deltas and oceans tamed with liberal construction of dirigibles and hovercraft.

In retrospect they should have been more thorough.
As expected, in the early 1970s the world was quite suddenly aflame with nuclear fire as tensions between East and West evolved into a brief shooting war and then a nuclear one. Tens of thousands of nuclear warheads were launched in all directions and the British Isles were reduced to rubble, along with the monopolar generator that allowed easy access to the Firmament. The 220,000 British, Japanese and Commonwealth citizens in this strange world were alone. Or so they thought.
Travelling further afield, across the more extreme examples of the jagged shores and steep mountaintops, pathfinders couldn’t help but duly note the glittering fields of lights on the large island to the west of the archipelago proper. What could it be? The indigenous inhabitants of this island? Some kind of perpetual forest fire in an already strange land? Some industrial centre the government hadn’t informed them of?
As it turned out, it was the fucking French.

Although the British-Japanese were aghast and shocked to find 100,000 Frenchmen (and about 30,000 immigrants of various other national stripes) casually camped out on the western edge of ‘their’ Firmament, the French themselves were remarkably relaxed and were actually well aware of the British. Much historically appropriate admonishing and slandering ensued. Incapable of ousting them as the French generator was also destroyed, negotiations and dialogue were opened, and the two groups settled into a tense status quo.
The British settled all across the northern head of the archipelago under the purview of a hastily constructed military government, though experienced many breakaways as a result of that same government who travelled up into the far reaches of the alluvial plano that framed the land to set up small anarchic paradises, and which came to be home to many Irish and Canadian homesteaders.
The multiculturalism-averse Japanese bled away almost in their entirety, setting up shop at the southern cape of the primary landmass. Their attempts to recreate Japan would not meet with much success as Dutch, French and Arab immigrants poured into their high-tech society, liquidating the Japanese majority into a slim plurality nearly overnight.
The French claimed their entire island, and in turn settled across the western coast of the archipelago, setting up vineyards, communal farms, rural municipalities and port towns against the sheer backdrop of the spinal Massif that ran the length of the region; feeling wealthy atop this cloud layer, they would in later generations establish the Republic of Ciel d’L’argent to commemorate this fact[4]. However, their unwillingness to accommodate their many European and African citizens would see them migrate inland, across the Massif and into the Central Fjords to set up many small city-states, havens and ideological oligarchies.
Having learned from their initial tribulations with the libertarians above them, the British (later ‘Hefenish’ as they conceded they would never see the motherland again) were given to federal governorships to dispel any separatism, allowing them to amass the greatest extent of land and later expand to the southernmost archipelago of Súþecg to exploit its apparent mineral wealth, something severely lacking across the Firmament (though it was later proven after extensive mining that the islands ran far deeper than they were wide or tall, leading some geologists to posit that they might actually be sitting upon the peak of some bizarre mountaintop above the cloud layer, rather like Venus). A rather brutish administration and too much Orwellian literature brought through the generator meant that a rabble of disaffected labourers would overthrow Hefenish control in Súþecg’s south to establish a nationalistic, xenophobic and communistic regime. In modern times they’re isolated, but get by trading with the socialistic L’argais and indifferent Klooflanders.

A century later, life goes on; the Hefenish are a corrupt, despotic oligarchy and no state is truly democratic. Numbers have swelled to perhaps six million, but the archipelago is full of violence and conflict as no one has ready access to the sorts of technology that might dissuade conflict; nuclear weapons or even armour vehicles. The Hefenish are trying and failing to suppress the Súþecgi and save their southern colonies; while much intrigue consumes the Kloof; the ideologically indifferent Bank of Vernon bankrolls adventurers, expeditions and coups abroad; Nihonese sailors and L’argais fishermen skim the tired churn of the aether; and ever so slowly they all bore down to try and figure out where they are and what it means [5].


[1] – A hint at things to come.

[2] – Kinda bullshitting how the bubbles are developed, though the science of inflationary bubbles creating pocket universes is based in a real theory by Alan Guth.

[3] – Quite literally.

[4] – Ciel d’L’argent was a name I made up a long time ago for an old story that never ended up going anywhere, and I wanted to use it for something.

[5] – This was not my first version of this description, but I lost the original and can’t find it so I dug up this older text from when I first made the map and edited it accordingly. 

No cyberpunk novel is complete without hard drugs, so here's an attempt (and a record for posterity) at one such drug.

Acetylcholine Concentrate

Nicknames: Tyler, Acetol, Chlorine, Acid, Totty, Tolly, Fisheye, Concentrate.

Synthesis: A nano-sieve is used to remove melatonin, GABA and primers from off-shelf somnolent regulators, a common drug-cocktail used to regulate sleep, this leaves the acetylcholine that induces wakefulness (caffeine, for instance, works by stimulating the production of acetylcholine) among a slew of aspartate, dopamine, oxytocin and norepinephrine. Most drugmakers will add acetic acid drawn from vinegar concentrate or other sources, which makes the drug more powerful but makes it progressively more acidic and corrosive. Long term abuse can cause the liquidation of internal organs and in extreme cases the collapses of the basal forebrain and myriad parts of the nervous system.

Effects: The drug accelerates cholinergic projections in the central nervous system and neurotransmissions in the peripheral nervous system, resulting in heightened awareness, an increased reaction time, and more acute motor nerves and muscle receptivity. This makes users hyper-aware, hyperactive, paranoid, aggressive and anxious. It also appears to have some mild hallucinogenic properties as the drug encourages the production of oxytocin, which has differing affects on different users. It's not a common street drug as a result of it's rather negative effects, but it is popular among criminals, soldiers and some fighters (such as my novel's protagonist) as it greatly enhances their overall aptitude within a physical conflict, as well as some professionals in high stress situations as lawyers and stock traders.

Street Value: Although somnolent regulators are common and cheap (A box of forty pills will only cost about ¥25), nano-sieves are not due to heavy regulation to try and disrupt exactly this sort of production. That being said, a single drugmaker with a nano-sieve can feasibly make thousands of pills of the drug by buying copious amounts of regulators and vinegar, ergo a single pill in a market like Dayī (the setting of my novel) can go for as low as ¥3, but typically hovers around ¥10 per pill, which is an up-mark of 625% from the aforementioned forty for ¥25 (or ¥1.60 per pill), ignoring vinegar costs.


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